Along The Wandle

Water pollution is the second most pressing environmental concern along with air pollution. This pollution has adverse consequences for all life forms. The disposal of waste; both commercial and domestic into our rivers, lakes and oceans are harming aquatic life and causing water-borne diseases.

Ten per cent of the plastics we use in our daily lives ends up in the oceans. The most common element found in the world’s oceans is plastic, but there are also fishing gear and nets, and cigarette butts. Water pollution kills around ten thousand people around the world every day—that’s 3.6 million people every year.

Presently, there are forty-one bodies of water in London, but only one of these is classed as ‘good’ in terms of pollution—The River Wandle. As I follow the nine miles of this river, I wondered about the state of the other forty. How does this pollution affect me, my family, humanity and all that exist?