Let's Scrap Fly-Tipping

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Google Streetview #5, Albert Road, 2018
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Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of household, commercial or industrial waste, much of it hazardous and persistent. It is often seen as a victimless crime that blights our rural landscape. In reality, most fly-tipping occurs in urban areas and along highways. 

Today, Fly-Tipping is a massive crisis in the UK caused by shocking government failures. Waste disposal in this country is largely dependent on self-regulation. It is up to you to check that the person handling your waste is registered and responsible. At the same time, large cross-sections of the population are unaware of their duty of care and responsibility. This lack of knowledge is regularly exploited by criminals profiting from fly-tipping.

In the last year, 65% (just under two-thirds) of fly-tips involved household waste, often materials from a house or shed clearances, old furniture, carpets and the waste from small-scale DIY works.

However, this fly-tipped waste contaminates the soil, the water and – when burned – the air with a vast range of toxins. We have no idea how fly-tipping will impact our health or the cost to clean up this staggering regulatory failure. 

What is clear is that fly-tipping is a crime, a significant blight on local environments, a source of pollution, a potential danger to public health, a hazard to wildlife, and a nuisance. For these reasons, we must stop fly-tipping.

The Albert Road Story

The Albert Road Story

Over the years, the residents of Albert Road, Sutton and surrounding streets have been in constant struggle to get this stretch of land cleaned and fenced. But their fight has yielded little success, so fly-tipping in this area continues and is increasing, as in most areas in the UK.

There are two signs long this property warning against fly-tipping, but that too is ignored. Perhaps because of the lack of development of this property, or simply because of neglect. However, it is clear this part of the road has been abandoned, and is of little value to its owner; much like the waste discarded on it.

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The Making of Let's Scrap Fly-Tipping

A short documentary about how this series was put together, detailing the strategies and rationale behind my decision-making.